A)The state of being held accountable for something
Or having a duty

What are some of our responilibity’s as young men?

Being a Christian does that affect them? Or do they stay the same?

Being A Godly man involves more than just the regular responsibilities than wat a man would actually think

1st Timothy 4:12
1st Corinthians 11:12

B)Why can’t we be responsible sometimes what’s makes it hard?

It takes work! Being responsible it’s definatley not easy!
I would rather not pay my bills and go blow my money on what I feel like
I would rather sleep In than go to work

What are some of the disadvantage’s of not being responisble?

Are there any advantages? At all?

The advantage’s of being responsible far out way than being irresponsible

Philippians 4:9  ( look to an example and try to imitate what he does)


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