To turn from sin and amend your life

What is true repentance ?

Repentance is not just words its an attitude it’s actually an attitude adjustment

Why do men struggle with repentance?

It’s Much easier to live in sin than to do right

2nd chronicles 7:14

Repentance is not just asking for forgiveness if you know your just gonna mess up after saying forgive me WHAT’S THE POINT

Is there a proper place or proper way to repent?

Before Jesus they gave animal sacrifices to make up for there sin most times it was actually a baby

Why was it a baby

Romans 6:23
Provbers 16:25

Jesus Paid that death sentence for us!

What do you think Jesus would ask in return for our sin?

Our lives true repentance of your sin is giving up your lives!  And what you’ve done before


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